Temporary Motorbike Insurance Cover

Temporary or short term insurance is a policy you can use to cover yourself on most types motorbikes without risk of effecting your No Claims Bonus should the worst happen.

This insurance can be used to cover a motorcycle temporarily until more permanent insurance is arranged or it can be used on top of a regular policy, so that if you are borrowing or loaning a motorcycle, the no claims built up on the regular policy will not be affected should an accident occur.

What are the benefits to temporary insurance?

If you are riding another motorbike it can be more beneficial to take out a separate policy for yourself rather than being added to the owners’ annual insurance or driving their motorbike under your insurance.

A separate policy can cover you fully comprehensive where relying on your own policy doesn’t always mean you are covered and it is unlikely to be on a fully comprehensive basis. It can also be cheaper and save time and hassle making changes to someone else’s policy.

You can also use a temporary policy if you want to test drive or drive away a bike you have just bought and have yet to arrange permanent insurance.


How do I get a temporary insurance quote online?

for temporary cover, please click below to buy online.

Temporary Motorbike Cover, Daily or Hourly

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If you need annual cover for your motorbike please click through to our Standard & Modified Motorbike Page

Need to Insure Insurance Specialist

Modern Classic Car Insurance

We’re as passionate about your Modern Classic Car insurance as you are.

Need to Insure have worked with some of the top insurance providers to offer quotes on a Modern Classic Car Insurance Scheme for cars that are used in the same way as a classic car but aren’t old enough to fit on classic car insurance.

Do you think that you have a car that will be a classic in the future?, if so call us on 01623 720081 and let us quote you on our Modern Classic Insurance Scheme.

Please call us to check if you car can be quoted on the modern classic insurance scheme.
Call 01623 720081

These are an example of the cars that we quote on the Modern Classic Car Insurance Scheme.

Modern classic car insurance

The Focus RS Mk3 inc. The Blue Edition, Red Edition and Heritage Model.

The Nissan GT R
Nismo GTR

BMW M Series
BMW M Series


Please call us to check if your car can be quoted on the modern classic insurance scheme.
Telephone 01623 720081

Need to Insure Insurance Specialist

Modified Classic Car Insurance

Modified classic car insurance requires an understanding of what modifications you have done to your classic car, not just ticking a box on a website and hoping your modifications are covered.
Our modified classic car insurance cover incorporates things such as Agreed values, Limited mileage, Club member discount, Salvage retention and much more.

Need to Insure have teamed up with some major modified classic car insurers and provide a range of policies to cover the modifications you have done to your classic car. Policies can also include Track Day Cover for your modified classic if you need it.

All modified classic motor policies are underwritten by leading companies so complete piece of mind in the event of a claim, we can also offer quotes for Northern Ireland.

Laid up policies are also available to cover your pride and joy whilst off the road being modified/built.

If you love modifying your classic car you will love our modified classic car insurance quotes,

Contact Us on 01623 720081 to get your free modified classic car insurance quotation. 


Buy your Modified Classic Car Insurance with Need to Insure today.

If you’re looking for competitive rates on your modified classic car insurance, then you need to talk to our modified classic car insurance quote team on 01623 720081. Need to Insure have been placing modified classic car insurance with the leading insurance providers for many years, so you’re in good hands.

Don’t forget to mention you are a club member to receive your discount.


Laid up cover

Protect your modified classic project in the event of accidental damage, or fire and theft, while your vehicle is off the road being modified or over the winter period. Call 01623 720081 for a quote.

Laid Up Insurance


Got a Modern car that’s modified ?

Modified Car Insurance




Need to Insure can provide cover from leading insurers for many makes of modified or modified classic cars including, Austin, BMW, Citroen, Daimler, Fiat, Ford (inc RS, XR, ST & Cosworth), Hillman, Jaguar, Jensen, Lotus, Mercedes, MG, Mini, Morgan, Morris, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Reliant, Rover, Sunbeam, Triumph, Vauxhall, VW, Wolseley plus many many more please call with your requirements.



Need to Insure Insurance Specialist


Motorhome & Camper Insurance

We know that the campervan enthusiast requires a camper insurance policy which covers such things as Agreed values, Limited mileage, Club member discount, Awning cover and much more.

Camper Insurance

Need to Insure have teamed up with various clubs to offer our range of policies which cover all the main requirements the enthusiast would require.

Policies are underwritten by leading UK insurance companies who can provide low and high mileage policies whichever suits your needs.

We can also provide;

    • Laid up policies –  Cover your camper/motor-home whilst off the road.
    • Agreed Value  – Many insurers will only pay out the ‘market value’ of your camper if you suffer a total loss. An agreed value guarantees you won’t be left short on the payout subject to it being applied to the policy.
    • Left Hand Drive Campers – Acceptable.
    • Imported Campers – Acceptable
    • Modified Campers – We can provide like-for-like cover for your modifications

Motorhome & Camper Insurance – Cover for, Factory or Self Build Conversions please call us with your requirements.

Need to Insure can insure many makes of camper or motor-home please call with your requirements.

Don’t forget to mention you are a Club or Forum member to receive your discount.

Camper Insurance
Need to Insure Insurance Specialists

Subaru Impreza Insurance

Subaru Insurance



Need to Insure have been trading since 2002 in the specialist vehicle market. We are delighted to have been asked to be part of the Subaru RB5 owners Club and the Subaru RB320 owners Club as an officially endorsed insurance specialist.

We are pleased to be able to offer policies for all your vehicles Modified or Standard as well as all Performance, Prestige, Imported, Classic and Kit Cars plus much more, some of the benefits we can offer are listed below.





Track Day Cover can be included for your Subaru (please request at time of quotation)
•Commuting and business use can be included if required. (additional cost may apply)
•Agreed value policies
•Modifications Covered (except nitrous oxide, NOS)
Single Track Day Cover policies available
•Multi vehicle policies and discounts
•Limited mileage policies
Special club membership discounts
•Parade laps can be included with no additional cost on certain annual policies (please inform at time of quotation)

These are just a few of the policy benefits we can offer, we have various insurance schemes available with different underwriters each one can be tailored to your own individual needs.

Please feel free to Contact Us to find out more about us and the products available.

WELL DONE to Maxxed Ross from the RB320 Forum who won the picture competition with this picture

Subaru RB320

Need To Insure Insurance Specialists

22B JDM Wide bodied 2.2 litre special edition WRX 4 door First Impreza Turbo WRX  MY95 260 4 door WRX  220 5 door WRX  280 STi, modified from production WRX Sti RA Sti RA V Limited V-Limited Special edition Sti 2 door coupe Sti R 555  2 door Sti V6 R R V Limited  edition Sti Special edition Sti V6 WRX RA V6 WRX RA V Limited Special edition RA Bug eye WRX UK JDM WRX Sti Type-UK Prodrive WRX Sti RA Spec C Limited WR Limited S202 Uk300 Wrx 300 WRX NB-R Blob eye  WRX V8  WRX V8 JDM Blob eye WRX Sti V8 WRX Sti V8 JDM WRX STI V-Limited JDM WRX Sti RA V8 V8 Spec C V8 Spec C Limited V8 Spec C WR LimitedWR1  Type 25 S204 Hawk eye WRX V9 WRX WRX Sti V9 UK  WRX Sti WRX Sti RA  JDM Spec C Spec C Limited  Spec C WR Limited  Spec C JDM STI Type RA-R A Line Spec D RB320 WRX  Type 20 type 25 Spec C GP Edition WRX STi A-Line  WRX STi R Concept WRX Spec C Type RA-R Hawk eye WRX Spec C Type RA 1.8GL (Turbo Version) 2.0 GL AWD  SPORT MY WAGON PPP  Terzo UK Special edition Catalunya UK Special edition RB5 UK Special edition RB320 WR prodrive UK Special edition McRae UK Special edition P1 UK Special edition 22B Type series McRae prodrive prodrive performance pack 

Ford RS Owners Insurance Quotes

When it comes to insuring your RS, what ever model it is from the various Mk1 or MK2 Escort RS models (Mexico, RS1600, RS1800, RS2000), the Capri RS or the Escort RS1600i the Escort RS Turbo (Mk3 & Mk4), the ultra rare Escort RS1700T & RS200 the Fiesta RS Turbo or RS1800, the 3 Door Sierra RS Cosworth (inc RS500) the Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth (inc 4×4 & Rouse Sport) and the Escort RS Cosworth (inc Monte Carlo), The Mk5 & 6 RS2000 and the Focus RS Mk1, Mk2 (inc RS500) or Mk3 Standard, Edition & Heritage Models
Whether it’s a Standard RS or a Modified RS we are happy to be able to offer rs owners insurance quotes at great prices. 

How do we do this?, because Need to Insure share the same passion as you.

Need to Insure has a 25+ year RS Owners Club member who knows RS’s. He also owns multiple RS owners club concours and national day winning cars.  (Pictured Below)

So whatever RS you own, we have the knowledge and experience to make sure you have the right cover in place, call us to discuss your own personal requirements.

Call us for a quote on 01623 720081 

RSOC Member Discounts (Membership Number Required)
Classic or Modern RS Vehicles
Agreed Values
Limited Mileage Discounts
Concours Cars
Modified Cars
Laid Up Cover
Track Day Insurance Cover (Single Day or Annual) in association with the Association of Track Day Organisers
Breakdown Cover
Inflatable Storage Device Cover (Please Ask)
Multi Vehicle Policies
We can even cover your Support Vehicles & Trailers


RS Insurance for RS Owners


Need to Insures own RS vehicles;

1992, Ford Escort RS Cosworth
RS Cosworth Insurance

1986, Genuine Black,  Ford Escort RS Turbo Series 1 (The Decoy Car)
Black Ford Escort RS Turbo

1985,  Ford Escort RS Turbo Series 1 (RS Owners Club 3x Concours Gold Cup Winner,)
White Fod Escort RS Turbo Series 1

2003, Ford Focus RS (MK1 Focus RS)
MK1 Ford Focus RS

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Need to Insure Compare Insurance Quotes

Ford 15m RS, 17m RS, Ford 20m RS, Ford Escort RS1600, Ford Capri RS2600, Ford Escort RS2000, Ford Capri RS3100, Ford Escort RS1800, Ford Escort RS Mexico, Ford Escort RS2000 Mk2, Ford Escort RS1600i, RS16i, Ford Escort RS RS17T RS1700T RS Turbo, Series 1, Series 2, Ford RS200, Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth, Ford Sierra Sapphire Cosworth, Ford Sierra Sapphire Cosworth 4×4. Ford Fiesta RS Turbo, Ford Escort RS2000 Mk5, Ford Escort RS Cosworth, Cossy, Cossie, Ford Fiesta RS1800, Ford Escort RS2000 4×4, Ford Focus RS Mk1, Mk2, Mk3, Ford Focus RS500

American Car / Muscle Car Insurance

Need to Insure understand American Car owners / enthusiasts require certain things from an insurance policy. Our car insurance cover can incorporate things such as agreed values, Limited mileage, Modification Cover, Club member discount, and much more.

Whether it be a Classic American or Modern American (USA) Muscle car, Need to Insure have access to a range of policies covering all the main requirements for your American / Muscle Car – We can also include Track Day Cover for your American USA Muscle or American Classic Car so call us to compare your insurance quotes.

All American USA muscle car motor policies are underwritten by the UK leading companies, we can compare limited and unlimited mileage policies.

We can also provide laid up policies to cover your pride and joy whilst off the road providing it garaged or in storage.
Don’t forget if you are a club member you could receive a discount on your insurance.

American USA
American Flag


Classic American Car Insurance

If your American car is a classic we can offer cover for that as well, please see our Classic Car Insurance page.

Don’t forget if you are a club member you could receive a discount on your insurance.


Need to Insure Insurance Specialists

Buick Cadillac Chevrolet GMC Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Ford Lincoln Hennessy SSC Saleen Hummer Pontiac Saturn Murcury Plymouth DeLorean Edsel Fisker Merkur and Tesla

Kit Car & Replica Car Insurance

Finding good-quality insurance cover for a Kit Car or Replica car at a sensible price is not easy.

Need to Insure can offer you competitive insurance quotations for kit cars – whatever the make or model.

If you drive a kit car and need insurance, talk to the specialist kit car team at Need to Insure. No matter what type you drive, our team can find the right policy for you. We tailor all our quotes to suit your individual needs, so you can be certain your car insurance is as unique as your car.

We can even include the following options subject to acceptability.

Please ask for details when obtaining a quotation.

Kit Car
Need to Insure Insurance Quotes

Breakdown & Recovery Insurance Cover

You can add vehicle breakdown recovery services to any private car, motorcycle or commercial vehicle (up to 3.5 ton GVW, length 5.5 metres, height 3 metres, width 2.3 metres).
Low starting prices per vehicle per year. We can also offer breakdown cover mid way through an existing policy so it fall for renewal the same time (Need to Insure must insure the vehicle).

Key features

  •  Breakdown cover provides roadside assistance at any time of day or night 365 days a year.
  • No restriction on age of vehicle.

We can offer any one of the following levels of service:
Roadside only

  • Roadside assistance anywhere in the UK – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – as long as members are at least a quarter of a mile away from their home.

Roadside, recovery, at home
Roadside only cover, as above, plus:

  • Nationwide recovery – Transportation of the vehicle, the driver and up to seven others to their destination anywhere in the UK.
  • At Home cover – the breakdown provider will also come to the rescue if a member’s car won’t start at home, or if it breaks down within a quarter of a mile from their home.

Roadside, recovery, at home and onward travel
All of the features of roadside, national recovery and at home cover, plus:

The added benefit of a replacement car for up to three days while the member’s car is being fixed – or alternatively,
A single hire car, or,
Overnight accommodation, or,
A refund of the cost of public transport incurred (up to a set limit)

European cover
All of the features of roadside, recovery, at home and onward travel, plus:

  • European cover, available in 47 countries.

Call us on 01623 720081 for a quotation or pop into the Office 

Need to Insure Breakdown