Temporary Motorbike Insurance Cover

Temporary or short term insurance is a policy you can use to cover yourself on most types motorbikes without risk of effecting your No Claims Bonus should the worst happen.

This insurance can be used to cover a motorcycle temporarily until more permanent insurance is arranged or it can be used on top of a regular policy, so that if you are borrowing or loaning a motorcycle, the no claims built up on the regular policy will not be affected should an accident occur.

What are the benefits to temporary insurance?

If you are riding another motorbike it can be more beneficial to take out a separate policy for yourself rather than being added to the owners’ annual insurance or driving their motorbike under your insurance.

A separate policy can cover you fully comprehensive where relying on your own policy doesn’t always mean you are covered and it is unlikely to be on a fully comprehensive basis. It can also be cheaper and save time and hassle making changes to someone else’s policy.

You can also use a temporary policy if you want to test drive or drive away a bike you have just bought and have yet to arrange permanent insurance.


How do I get a temporary insurance quote online?

for temporary cover, please click below to buy online.

Temporary Motorbike Cover, Daily or Hourly

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If you need annual cover for your motorbike please click through to our Standard & Modified Motorbike Page

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Standard & Modified Motorbikes

We think it’s important you get your motorcycle insurance from people who understand how much you love your bike, it is also you have the right cover in place. We compare bike insurance quotes from a whole panel of insurers to get you the best possible price and policy.

Let us compare your Motorcycle Insurance for you.

Whatever type of motorbike you ride, a scooter, moped, super-bike or tourer the Need to Insure team will work hard to get you a great insurance policy for a fantastic price.

Need to Insure have access to the UK’s leading Insurers and we can compare various different insurers to find you the best cover available.

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Got a Modified Motorbike and finding it hard to get insured at a reasonable cost?.
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Modified Motorbikes can be really difficult to insure, we can offer quotes for modified motorbikes so you can rest assured that in the event of a claim you motorbike will be insured correctly with all the modification covered.

to obtain a quote will need details of the modifications and BHP level.

Modified Motor Bike

If you need Temporary Motorbike cover please check out our page Temporary Motorbike Insurance Cover or click here to be taken directly to the insurers page, this will open a new external link to temp cover who Need to Insure have partnered with.
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