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Driving a car has to be one of the most exciting ways to get from A to B. Even if you’re driving around with no destination, there’s no better way to travel. We’re car enthusiasts but we’re even more enthusiastic about getting you a fantastic price on your car insurance.  We compare car insurance quotes from a whole panel of insurers to get you the best possible price and policy.

It’s important you compare your car insurance from people who understand how much you love your car, we will get you the right cover in place to protect your car should the worse happen.

Whatever you drive, Mini or a Ford, Mercedes, Porsche or even an Electric car, our team will work hard to get you a great insurance policy for a fantastic price that suits you and your car. Give us a try. We only give you the best deal we can find, after all.

Compare car insurance from Need to Insure now, and enjoy the benefits.

Need to Insure offer cover for all makes and models of cars. We have access to a large number of insurance schemes form some of the UK’s largest insurers, this enable us to obtain the cheapest possible quote for you.
So whether you drive a fast car or a slow car, hard top or convertible, prestige or performance we can offer you a great insurance quote.

Do you own a Specialist Vehicles?

We specialise in insurance for all types of specialist cars these include;

  • Modified Cars
  • Imported Cars
  • Classic Cars (Original or Modified)
  • Kit Cars
  • Race Replica
  • High Performance
  • Prestige or Super Car
  • Track Prepared
  • Off road 4×4
  • American Muscle Cars
  • Military Vehicles
  • Show or Concours Cars
  • Something not listed above

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